First Group Critique (Summer Collection Project: GESAMKUNSTWERK)

I was set a research project over the summer holidays, this is to get us ready for the third and final year.

The brief stated, I was to collect images of “ideal” objects that contain characteristics that I seek in my own creation of objects. I want to make it clear that there is no objectively perfect object. For me a perfect object is one that suits it’s purpose, environment and context.


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We had to present our collections in a Pecha Kucha style presentation. Everything in my Pecha Kucha is primary research i.e. was viewed by me in person.

1) Empirical Jungle (2003) by Richard Deacon, from The Fragile Exhibition at The National Museum Cardiff.

  • I was interested in the structure of the sculpture.
  • How the volume is used to create different views point.
  • Physical manifestation of a non-personal naturalistic god, as opposed to a human like entity or personal god.

2) Deep Face (2015) by Douglas Coupland, from The Whitechapel Gallery, London.

  • Interest in privacy issues and the internet.
  • This piece is about privacy in our digital era, and how companies like Facebook can scan people’s faces.
  • Hint of de stijl and I’m a fan.

3) Wood, Water, Fire, Metal by Danielle Flowers from Maker, Materiality in process Exhibition at The Cardiff School of Art and Design

Wood, Water, Fire, Metal, photo by from Danielle Flowers website.
  • I enjoy this composition, the contrast of materials and the arrangement
  • This artist when on to make lamps out of these materials. When I viewed them I saw how professional they were. I will be using this example as a point of inspiration.
  • Interested in glass and wood and metal as materials for my practice, as opposed to clay.

4) The Aftermath by Yalda Bozorg at Cardiff School of Art & Design Show

The Aftermath, photo by Carter Birch
  • I am considering using concrete in my practice. potentially brutalist sculpture or furniture.
  • I watched this artist set her work up. The delicate placing of these pieces are in contrast to the hard concrete.

5) Composition C (No.III) with Red, Yellow and Blue (1935) by Piet Mondrian at Tate Modern

  • I have always wanted to see Mondrian’s work in person.
  • I’m very intrigued by it’s asymmetric quality and yet still seeming balanced.

6) Eames Storage Unit 421-C by Charles and Ray Eames from Victoria and Albert Museum

  • Example of modular furniture design.
  • Simple straight lines with a mix of interesting textures.

7) 6-axis Kuka robot by the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) form the Veronica Scanner: live 3d portraiture exhibition.

  • This is a new kind of manufacturing to me.
  • Could being used to make knoll posts for staircases.
  • Idea: I would like to combine flat bed CNC machine with scanning technology, so that the robot can see the texture of the material and can move the cutting tool more intelligently.
  • rhetorical, are robots artists/sculptors?

8) Legioblock by AJ BV found at Shoreham Port

  • Continuing my interest in concrete as a material and of modular objects

9) Unknown title by ceccotti collezioni at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre


  • Designing a chair that can match my desk from last year is a logical move.

10) Unknown title by ceccotti collezioni at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre


  • Signifies me wanting to continue table designs and making them bigger. A table as a communal shared object.

11) Fountain by Marcel Duchamp seen at Tate

  • Signifies that I want my work to be mass produced.
  • Marcel Duchamp approved the production of four additional Fountains. Further distancing his work from the idea of unique pieces of art.

Closing Thoughts

I am wanting to incorporate a social element in my work. however this is a side note a not a strong desire. during the feedback from the group, it was suggested to the social, privacy elements with furniture.

Additional points of interest that were not in my Pecha Kucha

The sea defences at Shoreham port

Crown Buildings, Cathays Park, Cardiff.

Grow CNC by Michael Warren

This is the only one I’ve not seen in person.


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