Questionnaire & Tutorial


  1. Identify three key values in your own practice?
    • Practical – Needs to perform a function and be useful in daily life.
    • Minimal – Efficient use of material for environmental reasons. Clean simple lines for clean and simple use.
    • Social – Shared spaces and communal living and small one person dwellings.
  1. What is the purpose/function of your practice?
    • (Why do I make?) To Solve problems and to make better what has become before us.
  1. Who is your audience/user?
    • students, young adults, professionals, couples and first time (property) buyers.
  1. How do you access them?
    • Social media and WordPress
    • Design Showcase
    • Appealing to commission opportunities in similar interest areas.
  1. What materials and processes that are important to your practice?
    • In the present: CAD, CNC machine and sheet timber + Mould making, concrete and glass
    • In the future: I would like to revisit fabric and sewing as a part of my continuing interest in fashion.
  1. What skills do you want to progress to a professional standard this year.
    • Professional showroom finish on outcomes – I want to be happy with the quality of my work
    • Exposure and marketing of my practice Social Media and WordPress and at shows and at networking events.
  1. Where do you situate your work/practice within a professional context?
    • Non-gallery, selling to businesses, organizations or groups.
    • Living and working space.
  1. Identify 3 professional practitioners/environments that work in the contexts identified above.
    • Unanswered
  1. Where/how do you see yourself working in 5 years?
    • My general long term goal is to start my own design and manufacturing/construction company. However I’m unsure if this goal can be achieved in 5 years. Alternatively, a more realistic 5 year goal would be to have a financially stably practice.
  1. How do you know if your work is of a professional standard
    • When viewers turn into buyers and I can believe that they are buying my work based on merit.
  1. Where can it all go wrong?
    • Lack of information or knowledge in turning my education into a practice and then turning that into a company. I currently don’t know how to do that.

Cabinet Task

There are glass display cabinets near the entrance to the maker studio. We, the third years, have been tasked with filling them with a maquette that communicates our creative direction.

This is just an initial idea to get things going. Currently I have this file printing on a ultimaker 2+. Once the file is complete it will fill my cabinet space.


Taking the point from my tenth slide from the Summer Project, and inspiration from the 3nd year maker space in the CSAD building. I designed this large meeting table and shared worktop. The two legs are adjustable so that activities at the table can happen standing or sitting. Located in the centre is a storage compartment for keeping a projector. There are slots around the edge for papers, phones, laptops and other items not needed during an activity. This is to accommodate a large scale environment.


Tutorial Feedback (from Jon and Ingrid)

both stated my answers are vague and non-specific.

Thing to consider

  1.  Methods of designing
    • Open-source: Where I specify materials and tools that can be obtain from consumer sources, such as DIY shops. My designs can be followed by the user independently of myself.
    • Web: Designing for a web platform and then people can buy my designs and make them themselves or for others.
    • The whole: I have full control of design, management, manufacturing and then distributing
  2. Research business models
    • open desk
    • momentum
    • nought one
  3. Research start-up businesses
    • manifold studio
    • fresh west
    • grove labs

I was set a design task to test professional working practice. The challenge was to design a stool, for This is the design I sent in with my application to become an designer.


Forming a design context.

Some key questions to answer going forward.

  • What am I looking to improve/solve?
  • Who does this refer to?

If I am to have a professional design lead third year, I will need to connect, observer and interaction with the target consumer. consider conducting focus groups and questionnaires.



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