More Responses to the Summer Project

FireShot Screen Capture #007 - 'BirchMaker (@birchmaker) • Instagram photos and videos' - www_instagram_com_birchmaker.png
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Continuing on from the previous year, where I designed a desk, I thought I might be a logical move to design a chair to go with it. This is the CAD mock up I did as a way of exploring this option.

I’ve been looking in the Screw Fix catalogue for inspiration. The kitchen could be an exciting move.

I would like to use concrete to create a kitchen worktop and hang OSB cupboards underneath.

[Author’s note: Insert the rhino screen capture of n design ]

If this was to happen I think a sponsor would be needed.

Container storage unit

OSB shelving unit with pull out containers for drawers


[Author’s note: Insert rhino drawing of multi storage with premade drawers]

Retail clothes rack, with wheels

I can imagine this design being placed in shops like All Saints or Urban Outfitters, as they share a similar interior aesthetic. that being striped back, industrial and exposed brick, concrete and pipes.

People and Furniture

Furniture that people interact with; sofas, hammocks and beds. These forms are more difficult. especially as I tend to work in hard materials. Fabric and padding would need to play a part in any of these forms, to ensure a comfortable experience.

Space Guidance

Obviously an interior and its furniture is governed by the buildings fixed external frame. Influenced by these images, I think the pallet would be a good basing for a new build.

I say this because it has the ideal dimensions for personal space. if the priority is the compact use of space for a higher housing density, then personal space must be the foundation.


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