Second Group Critique (Pitch)

The second group critique is called a pitch, which implies I have an idea for an outcome. however I don’t have a fully formed idea yet. So I have chosen to communicate the direction I’m going in.

These are the images I showed in my presentation.

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These are some key words that the group extracted from my presentation; furniture, interior, storage, wooden.

I also showed the idea I had been working on that very morning.

It is a type of fixing that would be used to hold the corners of a table or wardrobe. A few millimetres in from the edge of each sheet of wood are bolts. One bolt is bigger than the other and houses a slot so that the other bolt, which is smaller, can fit inside it. Once they are tightened with nuts it should fix the sheets together, forming a strong and stable structure.This was immediately critiqued as not being fiddly and not in line with my principle of easy to use (assemble and disassemble).

Discussion quickly turned to a topic related to our seminar series. I explained that I identify as a formalist. and that I am aiming to use OSB (oriented strand board). This was challenged for not necessarily being the best material to use from a formalist perspective, due to the potential splintering of the material when cut. I defended my position by claiming the material is structurally sound when handled with skill. I stated that this was proven by my OSB desk from the previous year. It was suggested that I look into alternatives, such as MDF and ply. [note to self when the seminar series post is published, link it here] [and link to osb desk in – More Responses to the Summer Project]

It was also suggested that I had chosen OSB for aesthetic reasons. I disputed this, saying my reason was based on cost. I made it clear that if MDF or ply prove to be better materials I would happily use them instead.

After Works

I have followed up the suggestion for material experimentation at this post.

This interior section of a magazine, better communicates the direction. It demonstrates an open plan bedroom and shower and custom designed and manufactured storage. this is a example of how to get the best out of a awkward space.

22 August 2016, Grazia Daily, Issue 590

Both the above attempt and this image are a turn in direction towards making for compact domestic spaces, primarily the student private housing sector. I say this because student houses often have difficult and unusual space and regular furniture doesn’t fit the space. I say this from experience.

Additional Lines of inquiry


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