Tutorial with Zoe Preece

I was undecided about somethings, primarily which of the two fixing systems to use for my formative outcome. The push ‘n’ slide system from my desk last year and from the material test boxes. Or a new undeveloped push ‘n’ click system, I thought of a few days ago. Zoe suggested I should set some key parameters, as this will help me make some of the decisions.

Venn diagram

I created this venn diagram to help my decision making. however, there is a conflict. The push ‘n’ slide system works great in the efficiency zone and the push ‘n’ click system fits well in the usability zone.

In the interests of what time is left, as the deadline is approaching, I will most likely use the old push ‘n’ slide system. If anything to have something to hand in for assessment. even though I’ve lived with that system in a compact space and it is not suitable.

We spoke about the material test boxes. Zoe was interested in the potential aesthetic of the OSB, explaining the material holds an honest quality. I added the use of OSB is similar to the upcycling of pallets.

Although, I am aiming for a student housing environment to place this work. A retail context is a running alternative, I added that BrewDog might be a good place for a piece of OSB furniture. BrewDog is a bar that has an industrial interior, with exposed brick and utility feeds.

BrewDog Interior

She also mentioned the simplicity of the push ‘n’ slide system on the test box meant that no other fixings and material were needed. This gave me an idea for a hinged-less doored cupboard.


After Works

I found this report on WGSN interesting.

Australian design and architecture studio Edwards Moore usage of OSB.

The honesty of the OSB that Zoe spoke about is translated into an open living space, with the bath and bed being in the same room. I enjoy the wall of shelving and the OSB kitchen cupboards, the island with the taps is more of a sculptural form. The amount of OSB has been balance to contrast of the various examples of white.

Another example of osb used in an interior space. This meeting and conference room, at the edgematrix office by forum-architects, provides a shielded and focused environment for communication.

Although there is more OSB used in this example, the surface is broken up with areas of light. The lights also serve to bring out the soft buttery colours and textures of the wood and make the room feel warm and intimate.

I haven’t collected contextual images yet, so Zoe strongly suggested I create some design boards. I have used Pinterest to do so.

OSB Inspiration

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