Marketing Event

I attended a social media workshop and an even titled Using social media for job searching and self-promotion.

The basic point that I took from these events is that there is so much noise online. I should to market to a specific group and know; who the group is?, what services they use online? and how they learn; kinaesthetic, auditory or visual.
W basic question is why?, not what? Pushing out content that means noting is a waste of time. When the publish or post button is pressed, it should be on something worth the while.
Side information
  • Reviews and shares are more impactful that paid adverts.
  • Mix online and physical; emails and social media with contact cards and posters.
  • Images communicate an idea better that a blog post because images can be read with in seconds. an article takes minuets. The zero moment of truth (when a person decides if they like something or not) is shorter. additionally big chunks of writing look boring. who reads the terms and conditions?


There was also an emphasise on how and what to use each platform for
  • Twitter is good for live events because I can get into discussions and share things in a #hashtag, such as document, pictures, videos etc.
  • Live video, for example; YouTube live, for behind the scenes as exhibitions.
  • Snap Chat is perfect for in the moment clips (Instagram stories are also a good for this)
  • LinkedIn is for the professional thing like CV and networking.
  • Facebook is good for conversation and meeting people with common interests, also it is popular and should be included in leaflets.

After Works

I already had an email, WordPress, Pinterest and Instagram set up from last year. I had created a range of potential logos. Although I had my favourite, I conducted a survey, with some of my peers on the maker course, to test the response of others.

Logo Survey







  • One = 1
  • Two = 11
  • Three = 3
  • Four = 11
  • Five = 4

Total = 30










I had been using logo 5, as this was my favourite.


However in consideration of a professional practice, I have decided to update my logo and backgrounds of the current services, while creating accounts for the suggested services from the talks. I now have; a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and Twitter. The new logo is the fourth one as this was my favourite out of the top two. I have also added an OSB back ground, because it is the main material I use.

I have also updated the title from BirchMaker to BirchWorks. This is because I’m not just a maker and neither I am just a designer. I am a designer maker, However this is not a catchy title. BirchWorks covers all creative works both designing and making.

Updated logo and background

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