Count Down To Launch Application


Countdown to Launch 2017 will run from June 5th to 9th, applications are open now and will close on the 14th of May. Applications are welcome from all current Cardiff Metropolitan students and graduates. You can only attend this programme once, so priority will be given to final year students and graduates.

You do need to have at least one business idea, and be willing to talk about this idea with the facilitators and other participants, if you are concerned about IP please contact us before applying.

  • How did you hear about Countdown to Launch

From a friend who participated last year and the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

  • Please give a summary of your business or social enterprise idea in 200 words or less

I am a furniture designer and maker from the school of art and design. I work with composite materials; mainly OSB, which is closely associated with up-cycling. I produce a range of outcomes from functional desks to unique chairs.

Predominantly, my target market is other businesses, such as bars (BrewDog plc & Tiny Rebel Brewing Company Limited) and retailers such as Urban Outfitters Incorporated etc. Although, I am open to other forms of revenue.

I am currently undecided weather I’ll go for some of the prize fund. But if I was to pitch, the funds I would receive will go towards paying for facilities like a studio and access to tools. Or maybe purchasing the tools and equipment directly.


  • What is your motivation for attending Countdown to Launch

I wanted to apply for the CSAD incubator space this year. However when I approached the application form I quickly realised how limited my knowledge of business was.

Countdown to Launch is the perfect opportunity for a crash course into the commercial world, so that I am in a better position for life after graduation.

  • Where will you set up your business?

Geographically in Cardiff. In terms of facility I am as yet unsure but I am considering the FabLab in the CSAD building.

  • Are there any specific areas or subjects that you would like us to include in Countdown to Launch?

How to structure a business plan? How to conduct market research? How to use business terminology in the correct context? How to read the publicly available financial documents for other companies on the Companies’ House website? A look at co-operation or partnership organisational models.

  • What do you think are the main barriers to you starting your business or social enterprise?

Firstly, facilities such as a workshop and access to tools and equipment.

Secondly, the application of business knowledge in the real world, where things can so easily go wrong. That is why I want to gather as much information, advice and business skills as possible before leaving university.


Proof of application (Screenshots below)




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