Accepted: Count Down To Launch


Count Down To Launch Application

Countdown to Launch 2017 will run from June 5th to 9th, applications are open now and will close on the 14th of May. Applications are welcome from all current Cardiff Metropolitan students and graduates. You can only attend this programme once, so priority will be given to final year students and graduates. You do need …

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Formative Assessment

CNCing Preparations While CADing, remember the over cut rule. Circular cutter but square hole. In Rhino 3D add a rectangle sized to the material cutting into, for example; 1220mm/2440mm for a full sized sheet of ply. Then use this rectangle to arrange the pieces. When arranging, Think about which side the shipping details will be …

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Marketing Event

I attended a social media workshop and an even titled Using social media for job searching and self-promotion. The basic point that I took from these events is that there is so much noise online. I should to market to a specific group and know; who the group is?, what services they use online? and how …

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Tutorial with Zoe Preece

I was undecided about somethings, primarily which of the two fixing systems to use for my formative outcome. The push 'n' slide system from my desk last year and from the material test boxes. Or a new undeveloped push 'n' click system, I thought of a few days ago. Zoe suggested I should set some …

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Monday Morning Seminar Series and Display Cabinet

As the title states this seminar series is held on monday mornings, it is designed to addapt to the responses of the audiance with each iteration. The tutors, regardless of their own position on the topic of discussion, always provided an opposition and counter-argument. This was to keep the audiance on their toes and thrust …

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Material Experimentation

Following up suggestions from the Second Group Critique. I decided to create some small test boxes out of the three main types of sheet wood, MDF, OSB and Ply. I mistakenly chose an inefficient method of CNCing. I was thinking of the each piece as if it was a different file and a different cut. …

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Second Group Critique (Pitch)

The second group critique is called a pitch, which implies I have an idea for an outcome. however I don't have a fully formed idea yet. So I have chosen to communicate the direction I'm going in. These are the images I showed in my presentation. These are some key words that the group extracted …

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More Responses to the Summer Project

Continuing on from the previous year, where I designed a desk, I thought I might be a logical move to design a chair to go with it. This is the CAD mock up I did as a way of exploring this option. I've been looking in the Screw Fix catalogue for inspiration. The kitchen could …

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Questionnaire & Tutorial

Questionnaire Identify three key values in your own practice? Practical - Needs to perform a function and be useful in daily life. Minimal - Efficient use of material for environmental reasons. Clean simple lines for clean and simple use. Social - Shared spaces and communal living and small one person dwellings. What is the purpose/function …

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